Highlights of 2009

December 2009

Greeting Card and Posters Workshop: December 5. For beginner / intermediate levels taught by Jim Craner. Topics included: setting up print package layouts in both Photoshop and Lightroom; using two kinds of commercial pre-cut note card stock from Photographer’s Edge and ClearBags; and setting up posters using layers in Photoshop.

Working with Text Workshop: December 10. For Beginner / Intermediate Level taught by Jim Craner. Topics included: use of the text tool in Photoshop, adding layer styles to a text layer, sources of fonts on the web, loading fonts to your computer, and embellishing text layers by controlling Fill and Opacity in Photoshop.

Image Sizing / Resizing for Different Uses Workshop: December 17. Beginner Level taught by Jim Craner. Topics included: Understanding the Image Size dialog; When to use Save vs. Save As, special considerations when working with JPG files, selecting an optimal resolution, file formats and Save options — TIF, JPG, and PSD.

Managing Layers Panel in Photoshop: December 19. For Intermediate Level Taught by Jim Craner. Topics included: renaming layers for documentation, changing the Background layer to a normal layer (why and how), merging layers together, creating layer groups (when and how), creating Smart Object layers and using Smart Filters.

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November 2009

The Digital Decade Workshop: November 5. Beginners level taught by Peter Harris onthe basic concepts of photography as pertaining to digital equipment.

Intro to Lightroom Workshop: November 7. Beginners and Intermediate level taught by Robert Near onthe ins and outs of this popular cataloguing and editing software.

Retouching 101 Workshop: November 12. Beginners and Intermediate level taught by Katherine Wright on how to soften blemishes, intensify eye color, and enhance your subject.

inkAID Workshop: November 14. For all levels of experience taught by Katherine Wright. This workshop provided an exclusive look into the amazing techniques of inkAID, which gives creative digital artists the opportunity to create unlimited types of surfaces on which to print, including traditional fine art papers, metal, plastic and even wood veneer.

"Too Marvelous for Words": The Paparazzi Red Carpet Experience: November 21. Katherine Wright rounded up a team of photographers to create a paparazzi feel for the front entrance of “Too Marvelous for Words,” an annual Gala extravaganza to benefit Albany Center Gallery. www.albanycentergallery.org

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October 2009

Protect Your Work! Workshop: October 8. Copyright laws have changed. Attendees were updated by Katherine Wright on how to copyright and protect their work. We wentover your rights as a photographer and artist, the use of keywords for easy web searching and much more!

HDR Photography Workshop: October 17; taught by Robert Near. High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging is a technique that allows a greater range of light to be captured from the deepest shadows to the brightest highlights. With our digital cameras, with increased computer power and easy-to-use software, HDR is the latest buzz in the world of photography today. HDR techniques can be used to produce images with very photo realistic results, or at its extreme all the way to surreal illustrative quality.

Extreme Panoramic Photography: October 22. Attend our lecture and demonstration featuring Robert Near, a self-taught photographer living in the town of Athens. He began shooting black and white film in the early seventies and transitioned to digital starting 2003. One Robert's favorite formats is panoramic and with digital technology he is now producing what he refers to is extreme panoramas encompassing a horizontal swing of 180 to 360 degree. Robert will show some of his extreme panoramas taken here in the Hudson Valley and demonstrate the process used to capture them.

Introduction to Photoshop Elements: 6:30–9 p.m. Thursday, October 29; a beginners workshop for beginners taught by Katherine Wright covered the basics of image editing, cropping, color correction, image size, web ready images, and more!

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September 2009

Protect Your Work Workshop: atherine Wright will provided valuable information and tips on how photographers can learn how to copyright and protect thier work.


Vista with Monastery by Nicholas Argyros

Photography Center Workshop in Tuscany

The PhotoCenter conducted its first workshop in Italy from September 10 to 19. Host, guide, and instructor Diana Grandi led the 10-day program catering to artists seeking to capture the beauty and warm glow of the fall season in rural Tuscany.

The guided sessions included visits to villages, rolling hills, vineyards, monasteries, ruins, a winery, open air market, and the churches and sites of Siena. There were photo opportunities for landscapes, villages, models, and markets. This was not a regimented tour, but rather a leisurely opportunity to expand one’s photographic/artistic vision and subject matter.

Meet Diana Grandi

grandiTuscany-based photographer Diana Grandi has been Program Coordinator for the National Geographic Expeditions in Italy and France for the past five years. In the past decade she has worked closely with some of the internationally best-known photographers, organizing workshops, managing shooting locations and teaching.

Diana received her photographic training in Great Britain and has exhibited her work in London, Milan, and the United States, recently including the Photography Center.
She is curator of exhibitions in Italy and has written profiles on photographers for Zoom Magazine International.

To view some of Diana’s photographs and to learn more about her, please visit www.dianagrandi.com.

Publicize Yourself! Workshop: On September 17 Katherine Wright presented many ideas on “how to get your name out there.” She disclosed the secrets of getting gallery bookings and assignments.

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August 2009

Intro to Photoshop Elements Workshop: August 27. fn this workshop we broke down the overly complex and simplifying it, making Photoshop (and other similar software) practical for everyday use.

The Figure and Form Workshop: August 29. Explored the beauty and balance of photographing the human figure. The tranquil setting in Rensselaer County allowed participants to study composition, utilizing natural lighting, posing, and props.

Intro to Classic Studio Lighting Workshop: nugust 30. Taught the basics of classic studio lighting. Each person worked with one strobe light to allow the maximum control of studio lighting.

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July 2009

Intro to Digital Beginner Workshop: July 23. This workshop was about the conversion from film to digital.

Create Your Own Book Workshop: July 25. Participants lerarned how to layout and create their own professional book.

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June 2009

Setting Up a Color Managed Workflow Workshop: June 13. Advanced procedures in Photoshop by Jim Craner, who taught the specialized techniques essential for mastering high quality and consistent imaging.

Photo History Presentation: June 19. Free talk and demonstration in conjunction with the current exhibit — The UnknownsImages from a Bygone Era.

Advanced Techniques in Photoshop Workshop: June 20. Jim Craner taught the specialized techniques essential for mastering high quality and consistent imaging.

Using Lightroom for Workflow Control Workshop: June 27. Taught by Jim Craner for beginning and Intermediate level users. Lightroom is a photographically intuitive software that greatly facilitates image management and modification.

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May 2009

Intro to Photoshop Elements Beginner Workshop: May 14: Katherine Wright. taught the basics of image editing, cropping, color correction, image size, making web ready images, and more.

Workshop for the Smart Traveler: May 21: Nicholas Argyros and Katherine Wright teamed up to bring you great tips, tricks, and technology that will enhance your travel shots. Included was afree download/storage device.

Photoshop Essentials Workshop: May 23. Jim Craner taught a beginner’s workshop on essential image management and processing techniques.

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April 2009

Skin Workshop: April 2. Skin is a canvas that in most situations is less than perfect. We learned how to soften blemishes, intensify eye color and enhance the subject.

Intro to Classic Studio Lighting Workshop: April 4. Each person worked with one strobe light to allow the maximum control of studio lighting. Each person was responsible for bringing one model.

Alternative Imaging Workshop: April 16. Are you tired of your photos just being photos? This was a great opportunity to take your work to a more creative level, using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

High Dynamic Range Workshop: April 18 and 19; taught by Robert J. Near, one of the masters of HDR.

Networking with Models Workshop: 6:30–9 p.m. Thursday, April 23. So you like to shoot people but are having a hard time finding models. Learn about networking skills, model releases, basic contracts, TFCD, TFIMG, compensation and much, much more.

Tuscany: Timeless Beauty Opening Reception: April 24. Work by Elizabeth Opalenik and Diana Grandi.

High Fashion Photography Workshop: April 25. If you ever watch the WB’s America’s Next Top Model or Bravo’s Make me a Super Model, you know that they do outlandish photo shoots all revolving around the world of high fashion. We worked with a team of make-up artists, hair stylists, clothing designers, and top-notch models to take you on a journey to the extremes of fashion.

inkaidInkAid Exclusive Workshop and Demonstration: Hosted by Digital Artist’s Space and the PhotoCenter on April 30. We are teamed up to bring you an exclusive look into the amazing techniques possible with the innovative products of InkAid. Images featuring some of these coatings were in an exhibition — La Femme — at Fulton Street Gallery with additional samples at Digital Artist’s Space.

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March 2009

Spring Sale!: March 13 through Sunday, March 22.

Second Annual Student Show Opening Reception: March 27; coincided with Troy Night Out.

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February 2009

Thursday Workshops

Film to Digital Workshop: February 12. This workshop was for those who have primarily only worked in film and have now done the conversion to digital.

Alternatives to Photoshop Workshop Part 1: February 19. Demonstrations of basic techniques with Lightroom, Aperture, and Photoshop Elements.

Alternatives to Photoshop Workshop Part 2: February 26. Demonstrations of basic techniques with Corel Paint Shop and Photo X2, Picassa, and GIMP.

Pin It Up!: This was a great opportunity to photograph the iconic ideals of pin up, beginning with a brief history lesson on Classic Pin Up then moving on to creating these timeless images.

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January 2009

Image Management 101 Workshop: January 9. Sizing images to print and for the web, cropping, basic color management, and printing tips!

Advanced Lighting 102 Workshop: January 10. Enhancing on location lighting skills with this hands-on intense workshop.

The Ballet Workshop: January 17. A great opportunity to photograph the lines of ballet, the grace, the action at a dance studio.

Photo Counsel Meeting: 7–8 p.m. Monday, January 19. This free event is open to anyone who has an interest in vintage and or modern cameras!

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