February 9, 2007 Grand Opening

The PhotoCenter is grateful for all the assistance and support provided by:

the workers and helpers who did extensive cleaning, painting, rehabilitation, moving, arranging and gave continuing encouragement:

Nina Jenkins and Rhiannon Maton, Chris Argyros and Rachel Paupek, Carly Bristol, Rebecca Jones, Joe, Tim Massey, Jordan Greenhalgh, Melissa Paquin, Katy Rose, Eli, Rana, Jennifer, Jessica, Sara, Paul Kircher, Jay Freud, Ryan Sgroi, Marvin Frasier, Kyle and Orson Kingsley, Mike Palapolous, Theresa Hovish, James Van Duyne, Lady Ostapeck, Al Starkweather, Sr., Adam Baron, Budge, Joint Compound;

friends of the arts:

Sarah and Jason Martinez, Michael Weidrich, Colleen Skiff, Ariel Shanberg, the Troy Night Out crew, Theresa and Jim, and

the tech folks Nick Venti, Nick Cosimano, and Steve;

our neighbors:

Kathleen and Doreen at Café Del-iicious, Jose Malone’s, Ryan’s Wake, Terra Nova Church, Brown’s Taproom, Revolution Hall, River Street Cafe, Lauren and Anthony at The Flower Girl, Ty Austin, Jerry Ellis, the Salvation Army, and our special neighbor, Bill Kowalski of King Draperies and Blinds;

the people in Friendly Organizations:

Jody Dalton, Mike Farrell and the TU, Upstate Magazine, C*A*M*E*R*A. Inc., Schenectady Photo Society, Sami and Karen at Shutterspeed Photo, Al and Wes Wade at Camera Works, Ron Szczypkowski at MAGI, Chico at T.A.P., Mayor Harry Tutunjian of the City of Troy, Rensselaer County Executive Kathleen Jimino;

and especially:

Phyllis and Jim Reinert for producing Nick; John Walter for his construction and ingenuity; Dan Wedge making the library possible; Stephanie Levay, our General Factota; Al Starkweather, Jr. of Design on Demand for the excellent designs and Web site; Kathy and Ed Davis for the delicious catering; Elizabeth Opalenik for her inspirational aesthetic; John Eastcott and Yva Momatiuk for improving both the right and left side aspects of the PhotoCenter; John and Eva for the other Nick;

and to:

all our exhibitors, all our members, beer, and the future helpers and members — we thank you in advance for all your support. Sorry if we missed anyone, we love you just as much.

— Nicholas Argyros and Nicholas Reinert

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