Exhibitions in 2012

Elusive Persona:

Photographic Works by Carrie Will and Sarah Mac Wright

November 4, 2011–January 15, 2012


Ronald Ratchford photo

Nick Argyros & Carrie Will

Elusive Persona is an exhibition displaying the intimate and graceful work of photographers Carrie Will and Sarah MacWright.

Will’s work includes images from the series entitled I Am Redundant as well as her series In Memoriam. I Am Redundant includes imagery displaying the intricate relationship between Will and her twin and defining herself as an individual as well as part of her twin. Her images display thoughtful and intimate situations between Will and her sister bringing the viewer into their world as identical twins. The exhibition also brings you into Will’s personal vision on memory and loss with photographs from the series In Memoriam which has been created from Will's personal experience in dealing with loss. Will currently teaches at New Paltz and Sage Colleges. (

MacWright completed undergraduate studies at Williams College and the Glasgow School of Art. She taught photography, painting and drawing for three years at the Doane Stuart School before returning to her native New Jersey to make art and pursue graduate work at New York University. (

MacWright’s photographs dwell in quiet moments: sheets left to dry in the sun, walls inhabited by autographs left years ago, and the fading details of architecture. This selection of images from across MacWright’s practice is titled Observations.

MacWright is also pleased to exhibit a new body of photographs, Raisin Bread Universe. Through this work, MacWright considers rising raisin bread as a metaphor for the expanding universe. In short, as the raisins move away from each other, any one raisin could believe it is the center of the universe. Charmed by the intimacy of the kitchen and its potential to help us imagine the universe, these new works are at once humorous and romantic.

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Best of 2011

January 20–February 26, 2012

We received more than 200 fantastic images from 60 photographers. ensuring this was a great exhibition. We wish we could have show nthem all, but our limited wall space can accommodate only about 75 prints.


Out of almost 400 votes cast by visitors for their three favorite images, there was a tie for the Peoples Choice Award — George Gati's Street Sweeper (left) and Jeff Altman's Cemetery Tree (right).

Honorable Mention awards, with votes that closely follow, go to Frank Rapant for Bear Danger, Tom Chesnut for Black River, October Snow, Flo Turner for Thunderhead, and Harvey Gurien for Herd of Buffalo.

Also among the top 10 vote-getters, out of the 87 images on display, were those by Connie Frisbee Houde, Eugene DeVillamil, Gary Larsen, and David Aimone.

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Annual College Student Exhibition

March 2–April 15, 2012

David Brickman, Juror


First Place

The Assassination

by Lindsay Farkas
College of St. Rose

We reviewed 300 entries and selected about 90. More than 60 students from regional colleges, from Poughkeepsie to Plattsburgh, from RIT to Smith, are participating.The Annual College Student Show is open to all enrolled students in the extended Northeast Region.

Students participating are enrolled at St. Rose, Siena, Union, Marist, New Paltz, SUNY Albany, HVCC, Sage, and more. HM = Honorable Mention




Sasha (HM) Sasha Burgess Sage
Ebony Sasha Burgess Sage
Self Expression Sasha Burgess Sage
On the Way Out Chris Konieczny Sage
Self Portrait Jessica Scarpa Sage
Hesed Kirstie Fanning Sage
Venus (HM) Kirstie Fanning Sage
Overgrown Chantelle Perry Sage
Cold Desert Heather Garrow Sage
Lady Meghan Hyatt SUNY ACC
Mariko Zack Zoll SUNY ACC
Kim/The Big Sleep Zack Zoll SUNY ACC
Fall Morning on Farm 1 Karen Cosey SUNY ACC
Fall Morning on Farm 2 Karen Cosey SUNY ACC
Off the Beaten Path John Fisher St. Rose
Parking John Fisher St. Rose
Underpass John Fisher St. Rose
Older Man Jordan Elmovitz St. Rose
Man in Red Turban Jordan Elmovitz St. Rose
You Noticed? Michelle Weigel St. Rose
Eiffel Tower Michelle Weigel St. Rose
The Assassination (First) Lindsay Farkas St. Rose
The Kiss Lindsay Farkas St. Rose
untitled Lindsay Farkas St. Rose
Disposable Woman in Laundromat Andrea Boyhan St. Rose
Self Portrait Emmaline Molloy St. Rose
Venezia Erin Ludeke St. Rose
Irelanda Erin Ludeke St. Rose
WaWa1 Kathyrn Kanter St. Rose
untitled Sarah McKinney St. Rose
Rat Margret Vinci St. Rose
Sign Language Study #1 Christine Batson St. Rose
Sign Language Study #2 Christine Batson St. Rose
Neck Michelle Mainella St. Rose
Pearls Michael Cincimino St. Rose
Douglas State Forest #1 (HM) Nicole Carriere St. Rose
Douglas State Forest #2 Nicole Carriere St. Rose
untitled Kellie Scullin Siena
untitled Kellie Scullin Siena
The Bulb Emily Merritt Siena
Fair Season Brittany Danko Siena
Born In The Dark Sarah Goldberg SUNY NewPaltz
Who's the Dummy Now? Shelley Weresnick SUNY NewPaltz
untitled Safia Zouioueche SUNY NewPaltz
Man With Umbrella Safia Zouioueche SUNY NewPaltz
Portrait of Alfi Joey Eggelston FIT
The Fragility of Identity Joey Eggelston FIT
W.W.C.D Jessica Fleurent  
Watching Over You Megan Carr  
The Photograph (HM) Pilar Arthur- Snead Acad Art Univ.
Erosion 1 (HM) Yukako Nishimoto SUNY Albany
Erosion 2 Yukako Nishimoto SUNY Albany
Beach Hat Kaitlyn Berkery SUNY Albany
My Dog James Wisniewski RPI
Downtown Paris at Dusk James Wisniewski RPI
untitled Andi LeDonne RPI
An Unveiled Morning Elliot Mistur RPI
Amber Elizabeth Brewer RPI
Tragedy Hits Marist College Hallie Glassman Marist
Main Street Man Hallie Glassman Marist
Curiosity Cynthia Shuttleton Marist
Angel Wings Anthony Figalora Marist
Sensual Belly Tina Jaehnert Marist
The Nightlife Jessica May Columbia
No Pain No Gain Kaitlyn Thoen Union
Frozen in Time Shanna Saldana Union
untitled 1 Andrew McLain Union
untitled Beverly Hermosilla Union
Leaf Adam Pere Union
Creepy Hand Katie Beale Union
Lubomir Jana Hermann Union
untitled (HM) Carlos Leija Union
Blank Canvas Brittany Gilbert Union
Klar Katja Walter Union
Zustand Katja Walter Union
Verberchen Katja Walter Union
Luge (Luege) (HM) Katja Walter Union
Voyeur Danielle Hill Union
untitled 1 Brendan Mclaughlin Union
Old Union Aviva Dworkin Union
I’ll Vote Aviva Dworkin Union
Shantaram Tyler Orr Union
Shoes Sari Greenberg Union
Where do we go? Hallie Manheim Union
untitled Carlos Leija Union
untitled Carlos Taveras Union
Jeep Kelsey Fish Union
Broken Heart Kelsey Fish Union
Liar — A Million Little Pieces James Frey Union
Goodnight Catherine Kennedy Union
Ripped Jeans Maggie Weinreb Union
Math Book Maggie Weinreb Union
Periscope Erica Fugger Union
The Edge of Reason Charlotte Lehman Union


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Alternative Views

Photographic work by Luba Ricket and Ken Deitcher

April 27–June 10, 2012

The Photography Center is thrilled to announce this exhibit that offers photography lovers a taste of  photography “with a twist”. The work of Luba Ricket includes alternative process work such as cyanotypes, emulsion transfers and lifts, and photopolymers. Her work is creativity at its best and is inspiring to us all. Ken Deicher’s work takes digital photography to another level offering us a world of digital manipulation that keeps your eye excited and interested. Their inspiring, digitally altered images have won many awards; they represent photographic creativity at its best.

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Long Ago, Today

Photographs by William DeLanney and Max Tiller

June 15–August 5, 2012


Nick Argyros with William DeLanney, left, and Max Tiller
(Ronald Ratchford photo)

Nostalgia and remininscences are evoked by the masterful works of these artists.

Bill DeLanney, in a mere three years, 2005 to 2008, was exhibited in 15 venues and several publications. His small pinhole prints in black and white challenge the viewer to build a personal narrative about the images.  Also on display miniature handmade limited edition books of his work.

Max Tiller, who first came to our attention some 40 years ago as a master printer, active member of the Schenectady Photographic Society, and advisor on all matters photographic, exhibits a varied selection of work from his ever evolving explorations of techniques with unmatched mastery and brilliant creativity. His prior work, ever original, has been shown in countless locations in the Capital Region.

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Recent Work by Linda Morrell

August 10–September 30, 2012

The photographs in this exhibition represent an exploration of visual elements that work together to form a cohesive idea. Linda Morrell utilizes selected photographs as elements rather than singular compositions in order to build images that are unconstrained by time and place. The resulting images, composites, become more powerful than their individual parts, inviting us to contemplate the relationship between the photographs.


Read about the exhibit in The Free George.

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6th Annual Members Show

October 5–November 18, 2012

The 6th Annual Members Show was open to all photographers who are current (or new) members of the PhotoCenter. This exhibition, as in prior years, highlighted the variety of photographic visions of the PhotoCenter's talented members.

We received almost 200 entries and selected 100 images from 50 photographers to exhibit.As in prior years, the viewing visitors will vote their favorites for the People's Choice Awards.

Show Catalogue

The beautifully reproduced catalogue containing all the submitted entries is available for $45 plus tax and shipping.


Email us with your name, contact information, and number of books desired to Expedite your payment with PayPal — Recipient is Alternatively, you may mail your information and payment to the PhotoCenter or come in during our regular hours.


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